Vibration Monitoring

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Construction vibrations on your site can create potential problems for neighbouring buildings. The best way to ensure your project complies with ground vibration and overpressure governing regulations is to employ the most reliable range of products, supported by an expert consulting team.

What we do

Vibration monitoring

Vibration management plans

Vibration assessment

Noise and dust monitoring

We understand that each project is different, which is why our priority is to work closely with our clients to identify the optimal vibration monitoring solution to address their unique project needs.

  • Attended or un-attended vibration and overpressure monitoring,
  • 24/7 data processing and interpretation support,
  • Real-time transmission of events to stakeholders via text message,
  • Innovative suggestions on ways to reduce vibrations in a plan designed specifically to your needs,
  • Vibration measurements are reported in tables and graphs that allow you to see the sources of problems.

Paragon’s significant experience in vibration monitoring allows us to deploy efficient arrangements to capture the critical effects of construction to adjacent structures around the site. Call our expert vibration monitoring services team today for more details.

Why Us?

Paragon specialises in solving complex vibration and overpressure-driven challenges caused by construction, mining, quarrying, blasting or demolition activities.

We are fully equipped with the latest testing and measuring apparatus to monitor vibrations at your site. We conduct continuous and attended/unattended monitoring of vibration emissions from construction sites, industrial, rail and transport activities. Through our vibration measurements, we can ensure that you are meeting industry safety guidelines and regulations. We can also offer you expert advice on steps to take to improve your operations.

What Our
Clients Say

At Moits, Paragon Engineering helps us to achieve our project goals by delivering a high quality and thorough service. Paragon Engineering are flexible and accommodating, always make time to be available and visit site and are always happy to help. This is why we utilise Paragon’s services on most of our projects and will continue to do so.

Nick Chong Sun

Our Clients