Bridge Engineering

Bridge Inspection

Our bridge inspection services cover Level 1, Level 2 and detailed Level 3 load rating assessments. In addition to bridges, we also inspect culverts, OHW structures, sign gantries and general infrastructure assets.

What do the different inspection levels cover?

Level 1 Inspections

General serviceability of the structure is checked and emerging problems are identified and scheduled for maintenance or further investigation.

Level 2 Inspections

Here we take a closer look at the performance of the structural elements. We assess and rate the condition of the structure to identify current maintenance needs, forecast future changes in condition and estimate future budget requirements.


Level 3 Inspections

These inspections are structural engineering assessments carried out by an experienced structural engineer with a trained bridge examiner. As part of the Level 3 inspection, the condition of the bridge elements will rated by the structural engineer.

Bridge Load Rating

A load rating Assessment generally include a combination of field investigation and structural analysis. They target specific issues arising from Level 2 & 3 inspections in order to provide more detailed knowledge of the condition, load-carrying capacity and in-service performance.




Bridge Load Testing

This is an effective method of evaluating the structural response of a bridge. We use controlled moving load and advanced strain and deflection testing apparatus.

Bridge Design and Renewal

Our bridge design capabilities include preparation of feasibility studies & cost analysis, concept design including alignment, structure options and interface with other disciplines, and detailed design drawings & documentation.

Bridge Design

Our experienced team have delivered designs for various bridge configurations including girder deck system, box girder system, precast concrete arch system, corrugated steel arch system, box culvert system and engineered timber deck system.

Bridge Refurbishment Design

We have extensive experience working with our clients to develop customised maintenance plans to extend components remaining life until next major replacement projects are planned.

Bridge Asset Management

Asset management is defined by ISO 55000 (2014) as ‘the coordinated activity of an organisation to realise value from assets’. Asset management of bridges relates primarily to structural performance, condition and risk. The definition and measure of value is multi-faceted; the value relating to managing a bridge asset could mean:

  • Carrying out activities that seek to preserve a culturally significant bridge,
  • Investing in the maintenance of a bridge where aesthetics is important,
  • Accepting lower costs to maintain and manage a bridge should a short-term remaining service life be required,
  • Managing a bridge to minimise lifecycle costs,
  • Ensuring continuity of access.

Paragon have the capability and experience to design and implement asset inventory & management systems, there are number of steps required to establish the database. The illustration below indicates the steps in the right order for the establishment of the process. A number of these steps will be recurring throughout the remaining life of the asset to create a mature system.

Take advantage of our significant experience in bridge assessment and engineering

A deep understanding of bridge engineering combined with the complexities and challenges presented by real-world conditions has allowed us to build a wealth of knowledge and experience in bridge design.

Over many years, we have worked with road and rail authorities, infrastructure asset managers and construction companies to plan and design innovative and practical solutions that take priorities and budgets into consideration.

Why Us?

Our team is made up of professional engineers and drafters who specialise in bridge analysis & design, supported by highly experienced bridge examiners and timber specialists. 

What we do:

  • Bridge inspection and load rating,
  • Design and renewal of road, rail and pedestrian bridges,
  • Bridge strengthening and rehabilitation,
  • Bridge asset management,
  • Value engineering,
  • Structural monitoring.

What Our
Clients Say

As to the service we have received from Paragon, especially considering the very short notice and their existing workload, I could not speak more highly of the most professional service they have provided, both in the nature of that advice and service, and the manner in which it was provided. In the future, I would certainly recommend Paragon Engineering most highly. For me, it has also been a pleasure to work with the entire Team.

Geoffrey Copeland Chairman & A/Secretary
Strata Committee

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