Ground Engineering & Temporary Works Design

It starts from the ground up…

Starting off on the right foot is never more important than in the construction industry. No matter the size of the project, its structural integrity is dependent upon the sound design and construction of its groundworks.

I’m a Builder/Developer…

We can provide you with independent, clear and informed advice during your design and procurement process. Groundworks carry a lot of risk; we can support your engineering team to come up with the most feasible design for your project.


I’m a Civil/Piling contractor…

If you’re entering a tendering process for a design and construction (D&C) project, we can provide clear and independent advice and assist your team in preparing the most feasible design for your tenders and awarded projects. We understand the civil industry and we tailor our services to support your operations.


What We Do

Our significant experience and heavy exposure to groundworks and retention systems design allow us to provide our clients with independent, clear and informed advice during the planning, design, procurement and construction process.

We work with your engineering teams to derive a feasible and practical design option for the groundworks.

  • Deep foundation design,
  • Piling design,
  • Tanked and cut-off basement design,
  • Deep excavation support,
  • Shotcrete & anchor design,
  • Temporary propping design,
  • Façade retention,
  • Demolition work methodologies and assessment.

Our experience in this sector is significant, covering all aspects of the design of deep foundations, shoring and ground retention systems, planning, costing and construction support. We’ll be with you from beginning to end.

Why Us?

In many circumstances, the ground structure is designed based on limited knowledge of construction practicalities and geotechnical aspects of the structural design. This inevitably leads to a design that must be altered on-the-go to fit the site conditions, or the project budget is exceeded due to exaggerated designs to cover the uncertainties of the ground. 

At Paragon Engineering, our ground structures designs are informed by a complete understanding of the project scope, ground conditions and construction realities. Not only are our designs innovative and appropriate, we can also manage their implementation through to completion. Our team is also highly experienced in temporary design including façade retention, temporary support, structural assessment and load rating for various structures.

What Our
Clients Say

Paragon Group, were responsible for the piling/foundation/civil design for a 12,000 m² site comprising part 2 and 3 storey industrial project with an extensive basement at Kingsgrove – involving challenging parameters such as uncontrolled fill, on-site concrete tilt up panel fabrication and substantial concrete loads for a 2 / 3 storey industrial development totalling 25.000 m² buildable area and over 15 m in height – Paragon worked seamlessly with the entire structural and design team and quickly developed an efficient, economic and buildable design – they were responsive and engaging with all other disciplines – we look forward to working with them on our next project

Con Haralambis
Haralambis Group

Our Clients