Inclinometer Monitoring

Trust the ground under your feet

We utilise advanced systems to provide structural monitoring for our clients including inclinometer monitoring of ground and retention walls movement and tilt meter monitoring systems with remote capabilities to inform movement of various types of structures.

Why Us?

Inclinometer monitoring is an important part of every basement construction project. The instrumentation we use provides comprehensive insight into any potential ground movement or wall deflection which may impact your project or neighbouring structures and assets.

Originally used to monitor landslide deformations and slope instabilities, inclinometers are now commonly used to determine what effects an excavation could have on nearby structures, embankments and roadways.

Inclinometers can:

  • reveal whether isolated or extensive deformation patterns exist within a slope,
  • determine whether these deformations are accelerating, slowing or developing at a steady rate,
  • help you determine whether these deformations reside within established limits as set by project guidelines,
  • warn of potential failure within a slope,
  • ascertain the stability of retaining walls by measuring rotation and bending; and,
  • reveal any movement in the ground that could potentially affect neighbouring structures.

Paragon have the capability to supply and install various types of inclinometers including in-place inclinometers for continuous reporting on sensitive projects and conventional inclinometers which provide measurements at specific times according to the approved monitoring plan.

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Paragon provided design, advice and guidance during the planning and delivery stages of construction achieving the best shoring design solutions.

Paragon’s services stand out from other design consultants as the team is always available to discuss issues or solve problems. From the design engineers to senior members of the Paragon team, they all have the same determination to support the construction team and assist as required. The Paragon team has also critical onsite experience enabling them to understand the construction process, and design accordingly for the site conditions and restraints that may be applicable.

John Voudouris

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